Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Can you see!?!?
He was eating acorn & keep giving me a look.
I won't steel from him! Especially on top of tree!!

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This is the best biscotti I ever had. I don't know how to explain. In Japanese, "Sakusaku"
It is cut in small, so it's easy to eat. It's light & crispy!!
It's come from Salem,NJ, super hand made & super local.The egg they use come from 2miles away.

I had Chocolate espresso.
They also have Lemon fig, Orange almond, Cherry's all sounds good..

matsutake gohan

Matsutake risotto with ginko nuts! little bit of green tea powder on top.

Gunji-San gave me this beautiful matsutake mushroom.

It was delicious! And I save broth. I think I will make some Takikomi-

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